BTEC brings you decades of expertise in education. Our diversified experience comes from possessing highly qualified experts in education from various regions throughout the globe.

BTEC allocates considerable budget for research and development to provide you with estate of the art educational consultancies.

We do necessary internal and external analysis to have full vision about your current situation to be able to formulate tailored made planes and strategies that can enhance your performance, solve your problems, open doors towards new opportunities and enhance your market position.

Schools Consultancy

  • Extra Curriculum Activities
  • Teachers & Staff Training Needs Assessment
  • Introducing International Curriculum
  • Enhancing Learning Environment Strategies
  • Education Quality Management System
  • Local & International Summer Camps Arrangements
  • Remote Learning Platforms & Strategies

Higher Education Consultancy

  • Joint Programs Agreements
  • Curriculum Support Materials
  • New Program Development
  • Students Career Guidance
  • Subject Matter Experts & Speakers
  • Remote Learning Platforms & Strategies

Academic Consultancy

  • Enhancing Teaching Methodologies
  • Interactive Learning
  • Developing Learning Materials

Accreditation & Licensure Consultancy

  • Managing Accreditation & Licensure Procedures
  • Compliance & Regulations Consultancy
  • International Accreditation
  • Educational Centers Authorization Programs

Education Franchise Solutions

  • Managing Education Franchise Projects
  • Setting Franchise strategy
  • Providing International Franchise Options

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