Our Story

Over 20 Years. One Mission.

At BTEC, our 20 years of experience holds us in good stead as we make our mark on improving our services. Ever since our inception, we have been striving constantly to reach new milestones. Relying on the proven capabilities of modern technology, we develop a customized solution to fit every customer’s requirements. Recognizing the challenges of providing high quality, cost-effective education across the world has merely spurred us on to innovate smartly, setting benchmarks across the industry. At BTEC we aim to ensure affordable education across regions. With a focus on transforming education, our organization fosters a modern environment for our customers, enabling them to give their best on all fronts and make a difference every day.

Our Vision

To guide, support and empower students all over the world in achieving admission to quality higher education programmes and bettering their future prospects.

Our Mission

  • To guide and empower young minds to attain global competencies in management.
  • To remain a world leading academic service provider.
  • To harness the quality, breadth and depth of our capabilities to address the difficult challenges of today and the future.
  • To facilitate the next generation of researchers and academics
  • To assist students from around the world in getting the right education, equip them with the knowledge and skills required to pursue their ambitions
  • To make a demonstrable economic and social impact through the translation of our work into practice worldwide

Our Values

Service with Empathy, Trust & Respect, Ethical Practices
and Humane Values.

Why Choose Us?

We offer rigorous but flexible learning programmes, enhanced by state of the art e-learning portal that has been developed entirely in-house. The BTEC blended Learning programmes are in association with reputed and recognized universities from UK. Our professors are graduates from world class universities, and with over 8,000 students from 44 different countries, we are a truly international establishment. Our programmes combine UK quality education at a distance with residencies at the College’s premises in UK, Europe and Dubai at the campuses of our exclusive partners. The 3 to 6 months residency represents a unique opportunity for students to combine their blended Learning experience with a traditional classroom environment.

Student Centred Philosophy

At BTEC you are not just a student number. You are part of our blended Learning learning community engaged with faculty members and other students.

State of The Art Technology

In our commitment to providing state of the art services to students, we use cutting-edge software that is tailor made for blended Learning course delivery. Blended Learning Campus is an all-encompassing interactive and easy-to-use portal which makes studying blended Learning a truly enjoyable experience.

Together, We are a Team

An overriding objective of this team is to enable us to consistently improve the quality of education - your education.

Worldwide Recognition

Degrees are awarded by UK Public Universities

Recognition and Partnership

As a recognized UK awarding organization,
regulated by Ofqual, QW and the CCEA

Learning Resource Network is an awarding body creating qualifications
for education institutes, independent learning provider and employers

Global awarding organization regulated by Ofqual and
other UK and international regulators

Uk based awarding organization regulated by Ofqual
and recognized by qualification wales

Benefits of studying with us

Assignment based learning

Attaining a degree can get you ahead of others as you have a higher qualification and greater knowledge of your field of interest.
While having a degree is great, wouldn’t you also want to take away valuable life skills that you’ve picked up through your learning journey, skills which can’t be taught through textbooks and theory? Skills like having the attitude to look at a situation and see opportunities, not problems; being able to manage the most finite of resources – time; and knowing how to maximise and leverage your knowledge, resources and contacts to achieve results.
It is a different world now, a world where knowledge is readily available on the Internet. What will truly set you apart from others is the experience, attitude and perspective you bring.

Smart learning

Blended Learning

Make Learning an Experience. Blend It!

If you still believe that “classroom learning is the best learning” for your training and learning programs, I have some news for you. While we may like to believe that directing and guiding our learners to new understanding is the most effective way to educate, the traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT) model fails to recognize that our learners have changed. The self-directed learner has become the student of the 21st century – one who needs more support and encouragement rather than direction.

So how do we best provide our learners of today with the best possible support and encouragement? We make the learning experience as real to them as possible. We blend it.

Think of it this way — if you do something for someone as opposed to having them do it themselves, do they truly learn? When it comes to learning and training, devise an approach to your learning model that blends what your learners need to “know” with what they need to “do”. Allow them to discover information in bite-sized portions through self-directed activities such as eLearning, and then follow-up with a workshop, discussion group, open lab, or other opportunity to apply the new information.

By providing a blended learning experience we create the opportunity for our learners to first absorb information, then ask questions, challenge assumptions, and solicit experiences which they can share with others. This approach also encourages the collaborative and social learning experience.

However when it comes to eLearning, the “place-based classroom methods” can be replaced by webinars, making the learning even more accessible and convenient.

Here at BTEC, we believe blended learning encourages personalization of the eLearning experience by combining the best aspects of in-person teaching with technology-based eLearning methods. It broadens the learner experience by supporting anytime, anywhere learning, and reshapes the role of the instructor.

When applied to eLearning, blended learning is again circumstance-dependent, but usually involves:

A portion of the learning occurs blended Learning, with the student being able to manage the pace at which they learn

Another portion of the learning is instructor-led, usually conducted through webinars, allowing remote learners to engage more easily

Essentially, through blended learning, blended Learning and instructor-led training is complementary and creates an integrated learning environment.

Benefits for learners

Blended Learning

Blended learning offers the learner convenience and flexibility; they have the ability to control their learning pace and learn remotely.

Academic research suggests that blended learning gives learners a more comprehensive understanding of the course content.

Because blended learning allows learners to interact with instructors and fellow learners, social learning is supported.